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Strategic Design

Graphic Design to help your business grow


I'm Jared

Logo, Branding, and Identity Design Expert with 10+ Years of Professional Experience.

Husband, father, and local business owner with a passion for helping businesses achieve their goals through strategic design. I have a background in business marking, and years of experience applying that knowledge in graphic design.


Logo Design

You're starting fresh or need a better crafted brand mark to identify your business.


Branding Design

You need a logo. You need consistency in your business identity design. You also need branded elements such as: business cards, brochures, or signage.


Identity Design

Not only do you need a logo, but you want your customers to recognize your business with consistency in typography, colors, messaging and graphic elements.


Marketing + Design

You need a logo, identity, and branding pieces. You want all of this designed with a detailed analysis of your target market and competitors. Allowing every designed piece of your business to maximize customer acquisition and be strategically made with your competitors in mind. 


"I could not be happier how everything turned out. I really enjoyed the whole process that lead to the final result."

Zeke Verharst - Photographer

"Jared was professional, kind, and patient. I absolutely love my logo. Thanks for kicking me up a notch."

Sissy Sosner - Real Estate Agent

"The process Jared took me through gave me peace of mind, and the end result was perfect."

Sam Peralta - State House Representative

Let's Get to Work!

Mahalo for reaching out!

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