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Sissy Sosner

Sissy consistently ranks in the top 5% of Oahu realtors, and is always looking for ways to step up her game. She reached out wanting to get a logo and branding, but had no idea where to begin. We worked through the process, and in the end she was ecstatic about the finished product.


After a brief conversation assessing Sissy's goals, vision, and target market we picked keywords to define the projects direction. Professional, Trustworthy, Timeless, Warm, Natural, Bright. We built a mood-board with warm tones, bright natural light, and minimal designs with a flat aesthetic. 


I developed some initial concepts inspired by our mood-board, keywords, and Sissy's input. She loved the idea of a home, but wanted some adjustments to fit her style.


We explored examples around a minimal, line-drawn home. She loved the dickey roof house built with one line. We refined the logo, added typography and worked on a color scheme.


We tried a few different color schemes, and Sissy fell in love with an analogous, soft-toned blue scheme. With the logo and color scheme finished, we closed out the project with some branding work.


Get your personal branding done right with a proven process.

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