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Rebelious Fit

Maya Elious needed a logo for her fitness apparel brand. She wanted her brand to start with women, but allow for expanding into mens wear in the future. Her inspiration was high-end brands like Fenty by Rihanna.


We defined keywords to describe Maya's vision for her business. Bold, Modern, Minimal, Geometric, Energetic. Using those adjectives we built a mood-board to give the design process direction.


I developed a few concepts inspired by our mood-board and keywords. Maya felt drawn to the elegant R, but decided against it because she planned to expand into mens wear. We landed on the minimal R made up of diagonal lines that resembles a wing.


I worked on developing the typography and responsive variations. The typography was made with a bold san-serif, drastically increased tracking, and a reversed E to further express the "Rebel" portion of the brand name.

Screen Shot 2022-02-09 at 8.31.06 PM.png

Get a standout logo for your startup business just like Maya!

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