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Design Process

My design process follows these steps. To get started fill out the form on my contact page.

1. Proposal

  • A brief call to get acquainted and discuss project scope, timeline, and budget (pricing info here)

  • I’ll send a proposal and contract 

  • If approved, a standard 50% deposit is required to begin 

  • Remaining payment is due upon work completion

2. Discovery

  • We'll have a second call to discuss your business. I'll learn about your goals, target market, mission, etc

  • I'll review samples of your existing branding (If there is any). We'll discuss painpoints with the current branding, and your vision for the new designs

  • We'll discuss keywords that describe your business

3. Define

  • I'll research your target market, create ideal customer profiles, and research competitors. (Marketing package only - See packages & pricing here)

  • We'll choose 5-7 adjectives that define your business. These words will be a guide to direct the rest of our design work.

4. Develop

  • I'll work on a moodboard based off the adjectives we chose for your business. This moodboard will allow you to visually see the direction I feel will most benefit your business.

  • Based on the research and work we've done so far, I'll create several initial concepts and present them for you to review.

5. Refinement

  • After selecting the best concept we'll refine it further if needed or create a revision.

  • How a round of revisions works:

    • You’ll gather feedback internally from your team

    • You’ll provide all of the feedback at one time

    • I’ll confirm the requested edits and make the revisions

    • I’ll submit a new draft for review

  • Once the feedback is used to create a new draft of a design, that completes one round of revisions.

  • Each project allows for 3 rounds of revisions, with extra rounds billed at an hourly rate (It usually takes less that 3 rounds of revisions to complete a project).

6. Delivery & Launch

  • After approval of designs, I’ll create and deliver all final artwork files to you

  • If your project includes a brand style guide, all the elements of your brand identity design—logo, typography, color palette, patterns, icons, etc.— will be captured in this document. The result is a valuable reference to maintain consistent visuals moving forward.

  • If your project includes branding elements, these will also be made digital or print ready to your specifications.


  • Logo project: 3-4 weeks

  • Identity Design project: 4-5 weeks

  • Brand & Identity project: 6-8 weeks

  • Marketing + Branding project: 8-10 weeks.

If you have any further questions about my process please email me.

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