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Aaron Najera

Aaron Najera is a Maui based wedding photographer. He felt his old logo didn't have the high-end, professional feel he wanted. We got to work on a rebrand to help Aaron better appeal to the high-end wedding market.

Screen Shot 2022-02-10 at 8.16.35 PM.png

We defined keywords to describe Aaron's vision for his business. Professional, Skillful, Comfort, Genuine, Local, Peaceful. Using those adjectives we built a mood-board to give the design process direction. The Mood-board was built with analogous greens, soft tones, natural light, and bright green leafs.


I developed initial concepts inspired by our mood-board and keywords. Aaron loved the half maile lei mixed with the serif monogram & typography.


I worked on a responsive system with mark variation, and looked at a few color schemes. Aaron loved the muted earth tone palette, and using the lei as a graphic element.


Better reach your target market with a well made logo & branding!

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