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Sam Peralta

Sam Peralta is running for State House Kahului District in 2022. He needed a logo and branding to help his campaign stand out. His goal for the project was to express hope for a better future and contain natural elements.

Screen Shot 2022-02-07 at 3.55.29 PM.png

We defined keywords to describe Sam's campaign voice & message. Bold, Vibrant, Strong, Bright, Uplifting, Natural. Using those adjectives we built a mood-board to give the design process direction. Sam was set on a rich blue with a pop of coral, but through the process found that he preferred a natural green color palette.


I developed a few concepts centered around natural elements. Inspired by Maui (The Valley Isle), Na Wai Eha (The four rivers of Maui), the sun (appealing to Sam's filipino target market). Sam loved the Sun, but wanted to explore a few iterations around that idea.


Sam wanted to see what it would look like to have his name fully bold, and mixtures of the sun/mountain. He also drew an idea, but found once it was fully created it didn't have the clean feel we were working towards.

We did exploration, but landed on the original concept. A minimal sun with bold and light typography.


I build out responsive lockups that allowed for the logo to be used at various scales. The logo can be used with Sam's full name or just the half sun as a standalone piece.


Originally Sam was set on have a blue & coral color scheme, but after exploring colors wanted a more natural feel with an analogous green palette.

With the logo finalized we built out his branding pieces: Yard sign, poster & banner.


Elevate your brand just like Sam! Reach out and we'll get to work!

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